metz, france

The sweet smell of fresh bread and poured coffee wafts through the air. The Cathedral of Saint Stephen of Metz was complete in 1550, and to this day towers over the city with its stylized stained glass panels. On Sundays mornings the cobblestone streets branching out of the cathedral square are filled with local art stalls, craft beers, and hand-picked flower bouquets. Situated in northeastern … Continue reading metz, france

pompeii, italy

There are intersections of history and the force of nature; points in time where humans are reminded of their relative helplessness in the face of giant waves, the ground under their feet trembling, or winds that blow down everything in their path. Pompeii is a living testament to this interaction. In AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted and engulfed the entire city in hot ash. Walking … Continue reading pompeii, italy

amsterdam, the netherlands

Amsterdam is the real sin city- and with everything that is legal there, visitors get a feeling for what individual responsibility really feels like. Canals run like arteries through the city, with colorful houses stacked alongside. The memories of history and art are dense, signaling back to the golden days of the city a few centuries ago. Most all of the locals spoke more than … Continue reading amsterdam, the netherlands

florence, italy

Florence has a heart of art and culture, a living embodiment of the contributions of Italian greats such as Brunelleschi, Giotto, da Vinci, and Michelangelo. Looking down onto the city from the surrounding hills, the Duomo sticks out as a reminder that this is, in fact, the Florence of old. Michelangelo’s David is breathtaking, arguably one of the best examples of artistic insight and vision … Continue reading florence, italy

dublin, ireland

Local pubs and eateries line the streets, and one repeatedly finds themselves in a familiar scene- a tall pint of malty, rich Guinness on the table and the hum of loud debates and laughs among friends. No one is a stranger in Dublin. The distinctly Irish 13th-century architecture gives Dublin a feeling of age, and yet the city is youthful and energetically progressive. Ireland is … Continue reading dublin, ireland

rome, italy

Rome is somewhere that you realize history is not dead- it lives on in the present. Many of the great buildings in the heart of the Roman empire still stand tall today and the philosophies, technologies, and political systems of this civilization persist as the socioeconomic bedrock of modern society. With every step, you can feel a connection to the last 2000 years of human … Continue reading rome, italy