learning that plans are important to get the ship out of port, but being a good sailor is knowing how to navigate storms and surges

learning that experience is not measured in the number of successes, but the hours spent resolving failures

learning how to keep my head down, voice soft, and put in the work

learning that people are different and see the world differently on a fundamental level

learning that satisfaction and happiness are self-defined and amorphous

learning the joy in doing a little better every week rather than only landing big wins

learning that seeking constant crests is folly, and being comfortable during the troughs is the other half

we read these things in art and literature

and then we learn them

again and again

until we really do

find it

in between rays of light through wistful cotton

within blood rushing through veins

next to rivers lapping over stubborn stones

among dimly lit rooms with bright eyes and colorful drawings on the walls

along silhouettes of branches against navy skies

from the pin pricks of light piercing through the black fabric which holds us

through the rise and fall of breath

through the metronome that is the ticking heart

through thoughts deep as the ocean yet ephemeral as smoke

find it