freeform 8.3.22

be an unbendable vector to those forces external to yourself

experience is, in the end, the sum total of of everything and what the pages of your book are written of

when all things are said and done people will remember how you made them feel

we hold mirrors for each other and these reflections convince us that we are real

time is an imaginary concept that we use to delude ourselves that we can plan and control things

there is nothing but the turbulent and ever-present Now; there neither was no will be anything else

remind yourself often of the scale of things

insignificance is signficant

minds are mental landscapes

paint your foreground and background as a deliberate artist would

every output is invariably bounded by the state of the machine that produces it

the world is not a crafted wooden chair set in an architected gran plan

the world is the expansive roots and branches of a plant grown from the drifting oscillations of eternity

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