recipe for anything worth doing

  • start with that idea that keeps bubbling to the surface of your thoughts again and again, month after month
  • add an Initial Movement
  • realize it is harder than you thought and let rest from 1 month to 20 years, checking in once every month
  • realize you’re going to do it anyway
  • gather information from the internet, from nature, from your friends & family, and from thin air
  • separate dry ingredients (technical statistics, flowcharts, financial calculations) and wet ingredients (passion, drive, persistence)
  • mix dry ingredients together and slowly pour in wet ingredients, adding persistence as needed to keep malleable when mixture toughens
  • half-bake in oven and realize you got half of the dry ingredients wrong
  • take notes and repeat above process until something that can stand on its own comes out if the oven
  • while it may not be what you originally envisioned, look at it and see what you can do with it… what would people use this for?
  • repeat the process with this in mind until you can convince yourself (first) and other people that there is value in it
  • ask for feedback, the more bitter it tastes the better it is for you
  • repeat above process until you become numb to failure and realize it only exists when you stop moving forward (momentum is everything)
  • when you become proficient, you will also realize how much more there is to learn
  • begin at step 1, this time much wiser and more skilled

you have not come full circle, back to square one… you have spiraled upwards one level.

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